The Sebes & Bisseling Team

Our team consists of full time dedicated literary agents and colleagues with a proven track record in the international publishing industry. We are passionate about what we do and the clients we represent.


literary agent


Paul Sebes established the agency in 1998. He represents European authors worldwide, and US and UK authors in Northern Europe. He also leads the Sebes & Bisseling Scandinavia and UK offices.

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literary agent


Willem Bisseling is literary agent and co-owner of Sebes & Bisseling. He represents dozens of Dutch authors and American agents and publishers in The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

literary agent


Vere Bank is literary agent at Sebes & Bisseling. She primarily handles picture books, middle-grade and YA
from the US and the UK
. Additionally she is part of the contract administration department.
She studied English Language and Culture at the University of Leiden and got her master’s degree in Publishing/editing at the University of Amsterdam.


literary agent


Christiaan Boesenach represents Dutch authors and clients from the UK, US and Scandinavia. He studied Dutch Language and Culture and Philosophy and obtained a master’s degree in Publishing/editing.


finance & royalty adminstration

van Elst

Rita van Elst is responsible for the accounting and the royalty administration.


literary agent

Lester George

Lester George Hekking is literary agent, responsible for all picture books, middle-grade and YA books from the US and the UK and the agency’s vice president. He also supervises the agency’s contract administration.


finance & royalty adminstration

De Jong

Dave de Jong is a part of the accounting and royalty administration. 

literary agent

Haico Kaashoek

Haico Kaashoek was raised in California. He works as literary agent for the UK office. He holds bachelor’s degrees in English and Philosophy and a master’s in Comparative Literature. 

Haico lives and works in London.


Matthew Keeley

Matt Keeley works as a freelance copyeditor for Sebes & Bisseling. He holds a BA from Boston College and a certificate from the Columbia Publishing Course. He previously worked as a literary scout and as a public relations professional. 

Matt lives and works in Massachusetts, USA.

literary agent

rik kleuver

Rik Kleuver represents European authors and US and UK clients in
Northern Europe. He’s open to submissions in practically every non-fiction genre, and literary fiction.

literary agent


Jeanine Langenberg is literary agent at Sebes & Bisseling. She represents  American, British, Canadian and Australian publishers and agents in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

literary translator

elizabeth de noma

Elizabeth DeNoma has been Sebes & Bisseling’s in-house translator from Scandinavian languages since the establishment of the Scandinavian branch of the company. She holds a PhD in Scandinavian Languages and Literature from the University of Washington and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Fulbright Scholarship. She also provides international publishing consulting and editorial services.

Elizabeth lives and works in Seattle, Washington State, USA.

agent assistent

Fatiha Panjwani

Fatiha Panjwani assists Willem Bisseling and the contracts administration department. She obtained a BA in Literary and Cultural Analysis and an MA in Publishing, both at the University of Amsterdam. 


Willem Pije

Willem Pije has been working for Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency as editor. He now mostly writes reading reports and provides editorial services on a freelance basis. 


management support

Liesbeth Ramondt

Liesbeth Ramondt supports the management team at Sebes & Bisseling. 

For 21 years she worked in South East Asia, Australia and France, in various management positions in education and advertising.  As swimming coach she taught special needs children and she also obtained the Australian Bronze Swim Coach License. 


pär sjölinder

Pär covers the Scandinavian market for Sebes & Bisseling. He has a masters degree in literature, a degree in publishing, and has over 10 years of experience in publishing.

Pär lives and works in Stockholm and in Vikarbyn, Sweden.


agent assistent

lászló Szántó

László Szántó assists the team of S&B UK and S&B Scandinavia with a variety of tasks. At the University of Amsterdam he studies a Bachelor in Philosophy. 


marketing & social media

Gideon Tailleur

Gideon Tailleur is the marketing manager within the Sebes & Bisseling team and is responsible for social media. He ensures that Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YourTube for example are regularly updated with new content, so keep a close eye on these channels! 

literary agent

Marit versantvoort

Marit Versantvoort works at the agency as literary agent. She represents Dutch and international authors. Marit studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and also completed the master Publishing/editing at the University of Amsterdam. 

agent assistent

jan douwe Westhoeve

Jan Douwe Westhoeve is assistant to Paul Sebes, Rik Kleuver and Jeanine Langenberg. He studied History and Dutch studies at Leiden University and previously worked at publishing house De Bezige Bij.