The Sebes & Bisseling Team

Our team consists of full time dedicated literary agents and colleagues with a proven track record in the international publishing industry. We are passionate about what we do and the clients we represent.


Paul Sebes established the agency in 1998. He represents European authors worldwide, and US and UK authors in Northern Europe. As of 2021, he leads the Sebes & Bisseling Scandinavia office.


Willem Bisseling has been working at the agency since 2006 and is co-owner since 2016. He represents dozens of Dutch authors and American agents and publishers in The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

van Arnhem

Charlotte van Arnhem has been working as agent assistant at Sebes & Bisseling since 2019. She studied English Language & Culture and Psychology and obtained a master’s degree in Publishing/editing at the University of Amsterdam.


Christiaan Boesenach has been working at the agency since 2017. He represents Dutch authors and clients from the UK, US and Scandinavia. He studied Dutch Language and Culture and Philosophy and obtained a master’s degree in Publishing/editing.

van Elst

Rita van Elst has been working at the agency since 2010. She is responsible for the accounting and the royalty administration.

Lester George

Lester George Hekking has been reinforcing the team since 2009 and is the agency’s vice president. He is responsible for all picture books, middle-grade and YA books from the US and the UK. He also supervises the agency’s contract administration.


Rik Kleuver joined the agency in 2016. He represents European authors and US and UK clients in Northern Europe. He’s open to submissions in practically every non-fiction genre, and literary fiction.


Jeanine Langenberg started her career at Sebes & Bisseling in 2008. She focuses on the representation of American, Australian and Canadian agents and publishers in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

van der Maas

Yselle van der Maas joined the team in 2019 to assist the contract administration. She studied English Language and Culture at Leiden University and obtained a master’s degree in Literature at Utrecht University.


Stéphanie Nooteboom has been working at the agency since 2014 and represents American, British and Australian authors on behalf of their primary agent or publisher as subagent. In addition she is involved with contract administration.


Floor Overmars has been working as a journalist for most of her career and is editor at the VARAGids. Starting 2017 she has been reinforcing the team as a primary agent focusing on Dutch and Flemish authors.


Willem Pije has worked in various positions at the agency since 2015 and is now active as an editor, reader and translator.